On-Line Marketing

Many successful business use our on line marketing option to drive business. 

“If you build it they will come” was a great line in the movie Field of Dreams (1989) staring James Earl Jones and Kevin Costner when the internet was young and long before we started building websites.
In the movie the lead character played by Kevin Costner built a baseball field in the middle of an Iowa cornfield in an effort to entice his dead father to return. Spoiler alert, eventually he did but it took a long time.
In today’s fast paced internet world maintaining your position on internet search results and getting website visitors to return and do business with your business takes a knowledgeable, focused, results driven team of professionals.

To be successful you must implement a focused advertising strategy to let the world know why your website visitors should choose you, what makes you different from your competition and why you are the best choice for their investment.

The team at Spring Tree Web Design has the skills and experience to guide you on your way to success.
We use all the tools available to keep your visitors coming back for more information and motivate them to make the buying decision.

Content is king on the internet content is king
You may have heard of the 80 / 20 rule.
Giving 80% of your content away FREE is a great way to encourage your potential customer to want to do business with you. Our copywriting service can save you time and increase your bottom line. For E-commerce websites, offering an extremely attractive (low ball) price on a valuable product may help you drive sales but could have a disastrous negative impact on your profit. We’ll make sure your product pricing is not the only reason people want to do business with you by creating descriptions that make the customer trust you, want to buy from you and help maintain your bottom line profit.

Email Marketing email marketing
There are right ways and truly terrible ways to use your email contact list. You want to show value without being a pest and we know how to use your valuable list of contacts. Strong well written email marketing campaigns with personalized content can save you thousands of expensive advertising dollars and drive your return on investment to levels you hadn’t expected.

Images Tree

There are a lot of websites that use stock images. So much so that we are tired of seeing the same three people sitting around a desk that when we do we begin to laugh and click away to another site.
Using stock images has its place on occasion but choosing just the right image to get your message across along with customized content is much more likely to drive business.

Paid advertising pay per click
Small businesses and most large ones don’t have unlimited advertising budgets.
When the time is right or the need is great, like to repair your reputation we’ll recommend using one or two of the premier (not horribly expensive) advertising options that we’ve discovered that actually work and won’t break your budget.

When we build your website we become partners in your success. 
We understand how budgeting works and won’t recommend anything that hasn’t shown above average potential for large returns on your investment or exceed your marketing budget.



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