How much does a website cost?

We build websites that cost as little as $495*.

The price of a fully customized website, the only kind we build, is a bit more than a template based site. The sites we build include SEO (Search Engine Optimization) and are scale-able to ensure they will operate as designed now and into the future as the web changes.
The price of your site is determined by the functions and capabilities we code into it.
If you think of it this way it may be more clear. What is the price of your home? If it is a one bedroom bungalow in a small town it should cost much less than a mansion just above the beach on the shore of lake Michigan.

price vs value

We determine the fairest price for the sites we build based on just three factors:

  • Are we creating all the content or are you?
  • How much coding will be installed.
  • How long will it take?

We don’t have pricing packages based on the number of pages we are creating. There are web builders that price their work this way and most of the time all you get is a cookie cutter design. These builders take your content and make it fit into their template. The result is that your site looks like all the other websites they build.

We don’t use templates because they restrict our creativity.
Every website we build is a custom design with your customer in mind that will drive business and increase your bottom line.

We have 14 years of experience building highly successful websites for our clients. We use the latest web design “Best Practices” in every website we build.

* Plus hosting and domain name.

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