Content is king

You have 15 Seconds crown
Yes, 15 seconds. You may have heard about the “elevator speech” where you step into an elevator and find yourself standing next to the decision maker you have been trying to reach for three months. The ride to the floor where this person will get off will take 45 seconds. Quick, what do you say to “Get your foot in the door” and a meeting where you can show this person why they should buy your product or service?”
It used to be 45 seconds, on the internet it’s 15 because people have touch screens on their phones, iPads, and laptops.
If you haven’t grabbed the visitors attention in 15 seconds they are probably gone, FOREVER with no second chance for you to impress them.

Having powerful content that drives business on your website and in all your print media that is consistent, focused and convincing is a “must have”.

Many of our clients are very successful in running their business but struggle desperately to write content that delivers their message quickly.

Spring Tree Web Design has copywriters available to turn your basic idea into a powerful message that keeps people interested while delivering enough information in 15 seconds to make them want to do business with you.

Choosing this additional service will save you time.